Fees, Requirements & Schedule


$60 for each six week class or $120 for the fall semester.

Textbooks are provided as a part of the school.  Kindle books, or e-books are the responsibility of students if they prefer to use those.

Scholarships: We highly discourage others paying for the tuition of students.  It is crucial the students take responsibility for their growth and understand the sacrifices necessary to be a student.  The fee schedule is intentionally set at a reasonable rate to ensure all students may attend.


80% refunds are available during the first week of the month or semester.
No refunds are available after the first week of the semester.

Course Components

Courses in the SOM are usually comprised of three components:
1.  Reading Assignments
Class reading assignments, research and reading responses are to be completed during the first half of the class to inform and inspire the student along side the class lectures, discussions and participation.
2.  Class Contact Hours
Classes follow the lecture/discussion method with an instructor, guest lecturers or DVDs.  Small groups and student interaction is highly encouraged.
3.  Post Class Paper
Students write a two to four page paper discussing the integration of the course into their life.

College Credit & Accreditation

GDS does not have agreements with any other university to provide college credits.  Our intent is equip the church and enhance the lives of our students.  Our goal is that our students would be accredited by God by the miraculous life that follows the Believer.

Grading Policies

Student evaluation is to be determined by the instructor of each course.  GDS has a simple Pass or Fail grade as a means of awarding an evaluation of student performance for a course.  Unsatisfactory work is indicated by an U and returned to students for revision upon the discretion of instructors.

Class participation is essential to receive a Passing grade.

The completion of every assignment is require to receive a Passing grade.  Students who do not complete all assignments within two weeks of the end of a class will not be eligible for credit for that class.  They will receive a Failing grade for incomplete work.

“I think that people should consider coming to the school, especially moms.  It’s been amazing to me learning how to bring the kingdom lifestyle into my home.” ~ Former Student

Ministry Tasks

Student are required to commit to an area of service at their local church.  These tasks will be acts of service where their personal development has a way to be a blessing to others.


GDS is offered in semesters. Fall and Spring semester offers classes which are typically 4-6 weeks long.  There are no prerequisites for enrollment, so that students can enroll in any upcoming semester even if they have not enrolled for the previous semester.


Classes take place once each week in the evening from 6:30 PM – 9 PM.  It is essential that students arrive before 6:30 PM and be ready to begin on time.


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