30 Hour Famine

Jan 4th 11 AM – Jan 5th 5 PM

Each Student will need to pack the following
• Sleeping bag/pillow
• Toiletries: toothbrush/paste, deodorant etc.
• Composition book (note book) if you have one/ Pens
• Any board games you want to play
• Water bottle
• Clothes to paint walls in
• Clothes to play at the gym in

We will be providing electrolytes(juice) for those who tend to get sick without food. We will be monitoring each student closely, and provide you with our cell phone number should you need to call us. You can also reach any leader via our Facebook group message. We will be posting frequently, and may also run a live stream of our activities. This activity is meant to be a great time, but with the understanding that our goal is to find Empathy for others in poverty situations. It will get uncomfortable for some students, it is our goal as leaders to walk side by side with them and to reassure them through any ill feelings in a safe environment.

More information on the Famine is available from World Vision.


Jan 4-5, 2018

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